CSII 2000

Cemetery Software

Serving Funeral Homes, Cemeteries, Combination Properties, Trust Companies, and Banks.

Cemetery Software

Our solutions encompass legacy applications and open system design. Our clients vary in size, and actively sell pre-need. We have been providing products and services to cemeteries and mortuaries for over 30 years.  


We are unique in that we operate on over 600 operating system platforms, allowing us to handle low to medium volume business using Microsoft Windows and medium to large volume business utilizing UNIX and LINUX operating systems.


Our design concept has always been to provide application software that is user friendly and built for speed. Active companies must process large volumes of sales, payments, commissions, coupons, statements and reports; therefore, they require software designed and written to handle their volume.


Phoenix 2000 offers the most complete software, the most experienced personnel and the best customer service available today for this market.


Cemetery Software, Mortuary Software, Funeral Trust Software, Preneed Funeral Software

Cemetery and Mortuary Software, Funeral Trust Software, Preneed Funeral Software

Here are some of the functions our software performs and ways people use it:

Cemetery Software
  • Cemetery accounting software
  • Pre need cemetery software
  • Cemetery contracts receivable
  • Cemetery record keeping
  • Cemetery mapping software
  • Cemetery trust
  • Cemetery property management
  • Cemetery general accounting
  • Cemetery consulting services
Mortuary Software
  • Mortuary accounting
  • Mortuary trust
Funeral Home Software
  • Funeral home accounting software
  • Funeral arrangement software
  • Funeral home trust
  • Pre need funeral software
  • Pre arranged funeral software
  • Insurance funded funeral trust
  • Cash funded funeral trust
  • Funeral trust for trust companies
  • Funeral trust for banks

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You owe it to yourself to give CSII 2000 a try. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it.


Lynda Seaman

Houston, Texas

"We use it to do our own payroll and it's saved us a fortune."


William B. Addison

Tucson, Arizona

"CSII 2000 is a complete service that is able to fit every need of the user."


Stu Cater


"CSII 2000 offers the most flexibility at the best price. It does it all."