CSII 2000

Mortuary Software

Phoenix 2000 has been supplying mortuary software and cemetery software since 1980. Phoenix 2000 was the first company to supply software exclusively for the unique needs of mortuaries and cemeteries. We are considered by many to have the best software and best support available today. Our mortuary and cemetery software has been chosen by more certified public accountants and accounting firms than any other software.


For Mortuaries we offer funeral trust software, accounts receivables, report writing and general accounting such as accounts payable check writing and general ledger complete with financial statements. We handle revocable and irrevocable trusts, cash funded and insurance funded trusts. We do most of the filings and returns required at the Federal and State levels such as 1099’s and 1041’s. We allocate earnings, expenses and fees to individual trusts. Our contract management software handles multiple levels of commissions and accommodates all trust requirements. You can produce customer payment coupons, print customer Statements and set customers up for auto payments using our NACHA processing software.


We operate with hundreds of operating systems, on PC's as well as mini computers and small mainframe computers.


Our mortuary and cemetery software use Cyberquery Report Writer by Cyber Science. This is the most comprehensive report writer offered today. Many Fortune 500 and 100 companies use Cyberquery. It has been said that when Crystal Report Writer no longer can do what a company needs it to do the company turns to Cyberquery report writer.


In addition to programmers our staff includes two CPAs with years of experience with cemeteries and mortuaries and a civil engineer with over 30 years experience with cemetery design, and a records management.


You get all this from Phoenix 2000 at a very reasonable price!


Are you tired of poor support, or maybe you're not passing audits? Are you just starting a pre-need program or perhaps you are tired of the software you are using because it just doesn't do what you need it to do? Then you owe it to yourself to contact Phoenix 2000 for more information about our mortuary software and cemetery software.


You may Contact us at 520-824-3388, or on the web at www.CSII2000.com. We look forward to hearing from you, call us today.

You owe it to yourself to give CSII 2000 a try. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it.


Lynda Seaman

Houston, Texas

"We use it to do our own payroll and it's saved us a fortune."


William B. Addison

Tucson, Arizona

"CSII 2000 is a complete service that is able to fit every need of the user."


Stu Cater


"CSII 2000 offers the most flexibility at the best price. It does it all."